A Letter to My 15-month old Daughter

Dear Millie,

I am already proud of you.  In you I see an intelligent, fun, beautiful person who loves to dance and read and cuddle and clink.

I will do everything in my power to help you become a person who is always proud of yourself.  To believe in yourself regardless of how others treat you because of your gender and appearance.

I want you to learn more and more every single day.  And it is important to realize that experiences in life deepen your understanding of what you read.  Meet new people, try new things, challenge your comfort zones.

I want you you to find something to be joyful about every day–at least one thing on any given day that ends in “y”.  And it’s possible, if you surround yourself with people who are willing to listen and love.  It doesn’t matter if those people look different or sound different, it only matters that you treat them the way you deserve to be treated.

There is beauty in the world, seek it out.

Never stop reading.

Never stop cuddling.

Never stop clinking.

Most importantly, never stop dancing.  Or expressing your joy, however it may come out.


(photo by Grandma Pat)

With profound Love,


JULIUS CAESAR at The College of DuPage (Media and Links)

We just opened Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar at COD and I’m proud of the work we’ve done.  It’s a tight, interesting production of a challenging play.  Below is some media and info.

Radio Interview: https://soundcloud.com/wdcbnews/student-theater-presents-caesar

Newspaper article: Chicago Tribune

COD Courier News

Publicity photos:


JuliusCaesar-Press_7383 JuliusCaesar-Press_6197 JuliusCaesar-Press_6188

How to buy tickets: http://www.atthemac.org/events/julius-caesar/

Television interview to follow!

You know…

… life changes.

I’m 33 and about to be a first time dad.  That has an effect on things.

My most recent acting gigs were photo shoots for a catalog for seasonal wear.  They went really well.  And the photos and Instagram videos should be priceless.  I’m still teaching.  I’m learning photography.  I’m getting older and my “voice” is changing, expanding.  There will likely be less acting and directing for a little while.

So I’m gonna write about different stuff.  And post pictures.  Muse in different ways.  If you read/look, cool, thank you!  If not, no stress – thank you for having read/looked.

Here goes…